‘HERZ’ is a Spain based Diamond and colored stones brand.


Target: Mainly we'll have customers from Europe, there are several foreign residents in our area, the Coast of Sun (Málaga). We'll have an important amount of visitors coming from Scandinavia region (Norwich, Finish, Swedish, Danish), just as English, Dutch, Belgians and French people. Of course, we'll have Spanish customers and we aim to sell our products on the internet to an international public.
Usually, in the jewellery business, the products are mostly focused on women (80%).


Age: Generally, we are going to focus our business on a public ranging 30-40 years. However, we'll have a wide range of customers from all the ages (+25) and several times elder people (+50).


Competitors: To be honest, we don't have direct competitors in our geographical area. We would like to offer jewellery in a disruptive way to a target public on the internet, in the near future.


Logo Style: Modern and minimalist at the same time.
We don't want a direct association or reference to gem shapes since this is very common in our field, for instance, the brilliant cut diagram is used widely.


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